The Test

Below are the four test that will tell you if your lower body is at a functional level for mobility, stability and strength.

Have a low score, don't sweat it. Just follow the appropriate corrective program so that you can prepare you ankles, knees and hips for your athletic endeavors.

The Ankle Wall Touch Test

Test your ability to dorsi flex your ankle for maximum ground contact surface area and overall health of ankle and lower leg.

The Squat Depth Test

The Squat is fundamental for athletes to have mastered. When athletes struggle with the squat its a detriment to their overall power production. The ability to put your limbs in the appropriate positions while sprinting is paramount for elite speed.

The Lunge Test

The lunge is vital for understanding single leg balance and overall control.

The Hinge Test

The Hinge is the mother of all power production, every athletic move you see starts with the hinge. When mastered the hinge will utilize the main engine of our body, the "Posterior Chain" or Glutes, Hamstrings, low back and calf.