Ankle Wall Touch Test

What’s the purpose?

     -The goal of this test is to determine if you or your athlete has adequate dorsiflexion in each ankle.

How to test

We do this by measuring the maximum distance you can place your foot from the wall while being able to contact the wall with your knee. Read a lot of details about free pokies 5 dragons .

Step 1) With one knee on the ground place your other foot near a wall about 2-3 inches away.

Step 2) keeping your entire foot flat on the ground reach your knee forward to determine if you can contact the wall or not. If unable to touch move closer.If you can touch the wall with your foot completely flat then slide your front foot back inch by inch until you can no longer reach.

Step 3) Repeat step 2 until you establish your max distance

Step 4) Measure distance from your toe to the wall. Record to the nearest ¼ inch

What’s next?

Once you have measure the distance from the wall learn how to make improvements with the Ankle Test Evaluation HERE


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