Step #1 – General Movement Test

Before you know where you are going with your training you have to know where you are. This is why initial testing is going to be vital for the success of your athletic endeavors.

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Step #2 Evaluate

Once you have completed the assessment we then look at how you matched up against our standards. This is how we know how well you move. This is also where you learn how to improve on your current movement using corrective drills and exercises, so that we can maximize your potential for generating force and overall body control.

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Step #3 Re-Test

After completion of the corrective program its time to measure your progress and make changes in the program where we see best fit.

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Movement quality must be maximized if your power potential is ever reached

From my experience speed, power and coordination can all be improved by simply moving better. Athletes seem to drift from the fundamentals as the season get closer and the pressure to perform at a high level increases. While specialization is a necessity for elite level of performance too much of it can be a bad thing, you will pay a price when you lose sight of the little things and your focus gets too narrow. That is why I teach movement first and skills second, they only way sports specific skills can be executed at a high level for the duration of a long career is when they are built upon a solid foundation of fundamental human movement patterns. Hinge-Squat-Loaded Carry- Push-Pull-Rotate



Next Steps…

Once you have improve your movement quality you are now ready to test your power potential. If you are pleased with how your increase movement patterns have help your game this far just wait til we look at your explosiveness, quickness and coordination.

Power Potential Test

We’ve printed out our favorites and created a livewire California central university creativity hall of fame here at clear admit.