The Squat Depth Test

What’s the purpose?

The goal of this test is to determine the movement quality of the athlete’s squat pattern to help us identify stability issues that can lead to compensation.

Step #1) Standing tall with hand behind your head feet shoulder width apart.

Step #2) Squat down as low as you can keeping your feet flat, chest up and hands behind your head.

Step #3) Stand back up


  1. 1 point for lowering hip crease below top of knee
  2. 1 point for if torso remains vertical
  3. 1 point if hands remain behind head
  4. -1 point if heel lift off the ground
  5. -1 point if knee(s) buckles inward

     How did you do ?   

     1 point is needs improvement

     2 points is passing

     3 points high quality

With your score learn how to make improvements with the Squat Depth Evaluation

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