What’s the purpose?

The goal of this test is to complete one reverse lunge on each leg to evaluate overall coordination and balance hip, knee and ankle mobility and stability.


How to test

Step 1) Stand tall with hands behind your head

Step 2) Gently step one foot back lowering your knee to the ground

Step 3) With your lead foot stand back up and return to your starting position.

Step 4) Repeat on other leg


What’s next?

Read more about 5 dragons pokie machine .Total up the score using the following criteria

  1. 1 point for touching the ground with your knee
  2. 1 point if the knee contacts the ground behind your hips
  3. 1 point if hands remain behind head through the rep
  4. -1 point if front heel lifts off the ground
  5. -1 point for knee buckle or hands come apart
  6. -1 point for taking additional steps


1 point needs improvement

2 points passing

3 points high quality

Once you have totaled up your score using the criteria above click the link below and learn how to make improvements

Lunge Test Evaluation