Squat Depth Evaluations sect. 3

Section 3

If your hands are coming off of your head this could be due to many scenarios. One being you lost your balance so you reached out to save yourself. Two you are restricted in your T-Spine and you had no choice but to let go in order to reach the required depth, in this case follow the correctives for the vertical torso along with the following.

2-3 days per week perform the following

    1. Tissue work up and down the T/spine with foam roller or peanut 60-120 seconds 
    2. Tissue work for the Latissimus dorsi 60 seconds each arm

    1. Tissue work for the pectoralis major/minor 60 seconds each arm
    2. Dead bugs 2 sets of 10 each side

    1. Elbows on wall T-spine mob 1-2 sets 45-90 seconds
    2. Banded Lateral steps 2 sets of 10 each direction
    3. Ant. Loaded Squat (light weight) 2-3 sets of 8 rep