Lunge Test Evaluation

Scoring recap

1 point for touching the ground with your knee

1 point if the knee contacts the ground behind your hips

1 point if hands remain behind head through the rep

-1 point if front heel lifts off the ground

-1 point for knee buckle or hands come apart

-1 point for taking additional steps


1 point needs improvement

2 points passing

3 points high quality



Now the trick is to treat each deduction as an opportunity for improvement.

Select the section(s) you did not receive a point for and the section(s) you got deductions on.

Section 1-Contacting the ground with your knee

Section 2-Making sure your knee touches the ground behind the hip

Section 3-Keeping your hands behind your head

Section 4-Keeping your heels on the ground

Section 5 & 6-Building a solid base




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