Lunge Test Evaluation sect. 2

2) If the knee is touching the ground but fails to be able to do so with the knee behind the hips putting the hip into extension then we will simple address the range of motion of the hip while some addition stability work.


2-3 Days per week perform the following


    1. Tissue work on the gluteus maximus 30-45 seconds each leg

2. Tissue work on the quadriceps femoris 30-45 seconds each leg

    1. Tissue work on the hamstrings 30 45-seconds each leg
    2. Tissue work on the Plantar faciae

    1. Couch Stretch 1-2 sets 60-90 seconds each leg

    1. Low lunge stretch with rotation 1-2 sets 60-90 seconds

    1. Knee Hug with SL RDL 2 sets of 5 reps each leg
    2. Split Squat ISO Holds 2-3 sets of 5 reps (10 second hold for each rep)